TTEL stands for Thermaltake Esports League. Established in 2019, the Thermaltake Esports League (TTEL) has served as a platform for competitive gaming communities to connect and compete. Kenny Lin – Chairman of TTEL Thermaltake Esports League and Thermaltake CEO founding it to operate grassroots leagues and cups, to make the “path to pro” available to everyone. We understand there are different popular games for every region. We will pick and host tournaments of different games based on each region’s popular esports titles. Backed by Thermaltake Technology, TTEL will lead the way in making premium esports events in different countries around the world and to be accessible to all. TTEL Thermaltake Esports League Chairman and Thermaltake CEO – Kenny Lin “The esports scene is totally different compared to 10 years ago. With the growth of gaming around the world, esports is becoming a form mainstream entertainment. I created the TTEL Thermaltake Esports League to provide gamers a platform to grow and shine. Starting from our home base in Taipei, we will be bringing TTEL to the global esports community.”